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  1. Marco

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    Not willing to leave well enough alone, I made a slightly extended clip from that slip:


    I've slowed it down a bit, but you can see that first she loses the strap on her right shoulder, then her left shoulder then she really shakes her tits until she loses her top.

    I think she is most surprised by the fact then when she tries to force the straps up by lifting her arms, her top instead jams under her breasts.

    The whole sequence of losing her top and covering her breasts is bang bang bang. Just over a second really.

    They could of easily edited this whole sequence out. But they didn't. Another reason I think it isn't entirely an accidental slip.

    The movie says it was encoded 2006-08-19 and I see no reason to think it was very far off from when this was recorded.
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    You rock Marco! That gif is going into my permanent collection!

    And if you're right about the date, I think that places these clips right around (or maybe just before?) the date her famous underwater topless shots were produced?

  3. Marco

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    It is so long ago it has all become a blur. The volume of material they created is really insane. We need to have a Christina archive created at the University of Florida.

    I have the underwater pool photos as December 2006. She really showed her breasts in October 2007. Then for quite a while she wasn't comfortable with it and half hid them. It really took her a while to commit to just completely showing her breasts and being comfortable.
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  4. LarryKing

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    Ohh, those were the days, Christina at her best. I remeber when that slip came, I loved it
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  5. Marco

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    There is some really good stuff in the 2006/2007 timeframe before she really thinned down and lost some of her breast fat.

    Modelshrek2012 acknowledged the serial movies are currently not on the site. He said he would try to remedy that sometime this month.

    The serial movie quality is not that great and it is hard to get good frame captures unless Christina has slowed or just isn't moving. That said, I still thought this poor quality frame grab was funny. It is this "DOH" moment when Christina realizes the straps and her arms won't go up because her top is wedged under her breasts!

  6. ThatGuy6789

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    Fantastic stuff, thank you!!
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    Marco Thank You for the Christina and Halee boobs to boobs gifs. Its great to see cousins show their love. So every time I see the double boob slip gif it totally convinces me in my opinion Christina has the most perfect boobs I have every seen in person or online. I've tried to come up with a close comp. best I could do I guess is Amanda Veronas are pretty nice. But as soon as I see this slip gif again today I realize still no comparison. I don't care for fake boobs at all, its real or nothing for me. And Christina's back in the day are just perfect.
  8. pervedfriend

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    Question to all. The rumor I read a long, long, time ago was Christina's parents where involved with running her website at first. Does anyone know if that's true or not? I certainly don't think it was like a Cali Skye situation, but I'm certain I read something about this a long time ago. If it's true I wonder how involved they were in the shoots and what not?
  9. Marco

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    Since anyone can read what is put into this forum, I don't think we want to get into too much detail. There is the person everyone knows as Christina's longtime webmaster who is unrelated to Christina and made a deal to put Christina's "modeling" onto a website. Christina and her parents made a company that oversaw the proceeds from her modelling career. The webmaster's wife was also participating in the webmaster's work for the websites. Early on I believe Christina's mother was at her shoots. How long that continued I do not know. I don't think we need to add names and dates to this story. If I got something factually wrong or left out a critical detail for this story feel free to correct me.
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  10. I wonder how much money the website actually generated. I'm sure they sold some VHS and DVDs, and had a solid membership for a long time. I was a member off and and on for years. I bought a DVD or two, and they weren't cheap.

  11. This is more reason to believe she's never coming back to any sort of adult business. She recently lost her job and incurred large medical bills because of her sick daughter. Camming would be a surefire way for her to make some money really quickly. She has a large enough devoted fanbase to make as much money as she wants and then some. If Sherri-Chanel can do it, Christina would make BANK.

    She also lives in an area with lots of strip clubs within a 45 minute drive. Christina could make big money stripping, even as a local feature model. I guarantee you if one of the clubs promoted a "Christina Model" appearance, they would pack the house. I'm always surprised when I find out how many people know who she is to this day.

    But she hasn't done either of those. I think she's done. She will always have to worry if someone she's meeting will have seen her performing explicit content,but that's the downside to porn. It's forever, and the later third of her career was definitely porn.
  12. pervedfriend

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    Thanks Marco for the response to my question!

    I have tried so many time to catch a clear screenshot from that Christina slip video and gif and your here is the clearest I've ever seem. I happens so fast and Christina is in motion so it was hard to get a clear screenshot. I think that is the best slip she ever had while her boobs were still on the really big side. There's a Couple of others but they are just nip slips really.
  13. pervedfriend

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  14. 19silver21

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    I always wondered how Christina got started modeling? Did she look around or get discovered?
  15. biddle313

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    It would be interesting to read something about how she and Shannon started out.
  16. I thought Christina's parents posted pics of her and Charles from TX found them somehow. The early videos were filmed in what looks like a typical house for the area. I'd bet the girls were all friends of Christina.

    It must have been weird doing what is basically softcore porn while in high school. I know someone who graduated with Christina, and she told me it was common knowledge that Christina/Missy/Shannon had websites.

    I remember in the early days she had an ad for her website on her car. The car she drove around her hometown. Today, some busybody would have turned her parents in to CPS. Some of the early, early videos were borderline. Remember the car wash videos before she got her braces? She was not of age then and her parents were totally OK with it. Always struck me as kind of weird. But she did have tattoos and piercings before she was 18 too. Nipples and a pierced tongue at 16. Maybe I'm just from a different era, but I know what message a pierced tongue sends. And this girl was 16.

    How weird it would have been to be her classmate. Remember the hottest girl in your high school? The unattainable cheerleader, or just hot chick? If you'd been able to go home and look at her in wet t-shirts and lingerie whenever you wanted, how could you have concentrated at school? I would never have left my bedroom. LOL

    I actually met Christina once. Just happened into a bar where she was working. She was friendly and nice but this was after she lost the job slinging wings because customers were coming in to see her and were viewing her website on their phones. I think she got in trouble for posing in her uniform, as well.

    It's really strange that she came back home after being out of state for so long. Her town is pretty small. People tend to graduate HS and stay there. Everywhere she goes, she meets someone who's seen her naked. If she gets a job, word will spread and her coworkers will know about her past.

    I know a former pornstar. She did a bunch of movies over a few years,then became a stripper. She was fine with telling customers there about her past, but then she wanted out and found no jobs except manual labor. So she's back working in a strip club with no job prospects. Porn is a tricky bargain. You can make a lot more money in a short time than doing anything other than selling drugs, but there's definitely a stigma.
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    OldChristinaFan thank you! for the added info. After reading this I definitely remember reading a longtime ago stuff just like what you mentioned. I have always had that thought about how it would be to have a classmate like Christina. Christina having her website on her car is great. Pretty crazy to think about seeing the hottest girl in your school online whenever you felt like it. What a great thing.

    I was pretty sure her parents had something to do with starting her career. For sure when you look at her first 25-30 sets, you can tell they are pretty low budget. She looked great back then, her peak years!!
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  18. I think I liked her the best once she put her braces on. You could tell she finally had some money and was spending it on herself. She had great hair, a tan, a gym membership, and seemed happy.
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    OldChristinaFan thanks for the insight.
    2 Questions
    When you speak about the car wash videos... any info on what the names of those videos were.
    Nipple rings? Any idea around what video range she had them in?
  20. The car wash video I know is CMV34. She was in a grassy area washing a white Corvette while wearing see-through tops. She had nipple rings in this era, and in the set 063 era.

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