Nikki Sims (aka "The Illustrated Woman")

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    According to my computer I saved those pictures to my HD on July 26 2007 and that's 5 days after the dates on the exif and she WAS pregnant in 2007 so the kid is NOT 5 or 6 but 11 or 12 and that's a fact.
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    You caught me! My evil plan was to mislead the world by posting false information and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes just for my narcissistic pleasure. I now realize how it was a catastrophic mistake on my part seeing that u clearly are the most informed and intelligent being on the planet and know every intricate detail of her life.
    Since I am just a lowly fan am not near as wise and knowledgable as u, I can only go by the dated content that was on her site and the things I've read over the years. You clearly know the exact dates of everything she has done for the entirety of not only her career but her life and family as well. I truly appreciate u sharing this wonderful information of this Earth-shattering event.
    I can only hope that u can find it in your heart to forgive me of my heinous actions and that I promise not to ever make such a horrific mistake again as long as I live.

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    Most butt hurt post I've ever seen.
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    Insecure much?
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    New vid is so bad... No slips or anything.
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    This clip is from 2005 (recorded 2005-02-07). c1a1 was right.
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